奥斯汀·皮伊是什么样子的? 像这样.

Our 校园 community was created with success in mind. 在课堂内外,我们 want your experience to be filled with opportunities to pursue your passions while connecting with the diverse population around you. 我们的校园有一千种方式 community is working to provide you the best possible college experience. 这里有 几.



There is always something happening on the 365bet 校园. 而且,作为一名学生,差不多 所有这些对你来说都是免费的. 为什么? 因为我们想让你玩得开心, 鼓舞人心、全面发展的大学经历. 艺术展,音乐会,读书会,篝火, pep rallies – all of these experiences will connect you with new people, introduce you to new ideas and provide you with new opportunities.

There are many chances to maximize your college career, in and out of the classroom.

From Greek life to academic clubs to recreational sports, 365bet has over 100 organizations helping you connect with new friends, establish a professional network (and reputation) 然后建立你的个人档案.

Whether you're planning a fundraiser, volunteering in the community, conducting research or competing on the intramural fields, you'll gain skills and connections that open 通往更大机会的大门. 


社区参与与可持续发展 supports the surrounding community.

You don't have to wait until you graduate to put your newfound knowledge to use. 通过 our service-learning classes, you'll have the chance to engage in meaningful community 可以提高你学业成绩的服务. 一个例子? 西班牙语学生 帮助讲西班牙语的成年人学习英语.


Of 365bet's 11 residence halls, four were built in 2011 or later.

生活 on 校园 means you're constantly connected to the friends, faculty and events 这将影响你的大学经历. 大厅附近也有停车场,方便快捷 to class and numerous dining options, it's easy to see why so many students choose 住在他们学习的地方.

Because the constant support of friends and family improves your odds of college success, we require freshman to live on 校园 or with a parent/guardian within 50 miles of 校园. If you're single and coming to 365bet with fewer than 12 college credit hours, plan to apply for housing or submit a residency waiver.


The Foy Center houses the 78,000 square foot recreation facility.

From personal training to competitive sports teams to adventures in the great outdoors, 大学的娱乐 offers free and low-cost opportunities that will get your feet 动起来,心跳加速.

We even offer fitness and nutrition workshops to help you maintain your healthy lifestyle.


Cheerleaders cheer on sidelines at football game
Austin Peay has 11 men's and women's teams to cheer for year-round.

On game day, Clarksville turns into #Stacheville where students, university employees and community members alike show off their best red attire and root for our very own 州长的运动员. 

As an 365bet student, you'll have free access to every minute of sports action, and 你就能喊“我们去睡觉吧”!球迷们挤满了我们的体育场 竞技场.


Studying Abroad gives students a greater understanding of world issues.

Make no mistake, you'll learn a great deal about the world during your years at 365bet. But if you crave the excitement of first-hand international experience, our study abroad and exchange programs offer the chance to globe-trot while you earn college 学分.

Ranging in length from three weeks to a full academic year, our list of programs include options for every academic interest, time frame and budget.


With a 31% millennial population, the city is one of the youngest in Tennessee.

Clarksville is one of Tennessee's fastest growing cities and also one of its youngest 平均年龄只有30岁. From art walks in the picturesque downtown to concerts along the Cumberland River, there’s never a shortage of great things to see and do. Clarksville is also only a 45-minute drive soak in the sounds of Nashville, Music 城市.



生活 on 校园 puts you in the center of our bustling university community, ready to get involved both inside and outside of the classroom. 准备好迎接无尽的机会吧 为了联系和发现.



"The second I stepped on the grounds here, I knew this is where I wanted to be. My mom looked at me after the orientation, and she said, ‘This is where you’re going 我已经从你脸上看出来了.'"


"To me, being a “Gov” means that you constantly challenge yourself to be better than 你前天就是."


"365bet has continuously challenged and pushed me to become the person I am today."


“当我上社区大学时,我没有领导. 我去了学校,然后离开了. 被 here, I feel I’ve had encouragement from my professors to do that extra thing. 为 me that’s being the leader I knew I could always be but needed that extra push to 实现."